• We know that the way we build today has an enormous impact on our planet, affecting humanity and the delicate ecosystems that sustain all life on Earth. And, because we are spending 90% of our time indoors, today, buildings impact also our physical and mental health more than ever before.

    At VELUX, we believe that we must actively address the climate and health related challenges of the 21st century and work together with the building industry to help reconnect people and planet through healthier, more sustainable buildings.

  • As a part of our sustainability strategy we have committed to taking measurable steps toward positive change while focusing on how buildings can help to resolve global challenges with sustainable solutions and practical action.

    One way we are doing this is through Build for Life, a pioneering, multi-disciplinary initiative launched in 2021 and created to help connect people and planet through better building design.



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Build for life conference

  • To accelerate the development of better building strategies, last November, VELUX hosted the inaugural Build for Life Conference, a global event that brought together architects, builders, engineers, designers, planners, and other industry professionals.

  • The Build for Life Conference 2021 featured a series of keynote presentations by thought leaders, as well as panel discussions focused on relevant innovations in building design, technology, sustainability, and health.

    Over the course of three days we have reached more than 24.000 viewers from all around the world.

From The Conference

Living Places

  • What if our buildings could be healthy for both people and planet? The building project 'Living Places' is an attempt to think about buildings in a new way.

    Join VELUX, EFFEKT, and MOE, — in exploring how the building industry can support the health of the people and the planet through a commercially relevant project that aims at: 

  • 70% reduction of CO2 footprint, enhancement of health and wellbeing for the residents and affordable price point.

    We are sharing this project—and the thoughts and ideas behind it—in the hope of pushing boundaries and inspiring new ideas.

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